Los Angeles Homeowners: Now is the time of year to start using your chimney! 

With the recent time change and longer colder evenings we have been experiencing lately in Los Angeles, you may be excited to start using your fireplace and chimney for some quality time in your living area.  You may be wondering what type of wood you would like to burn or how to build your fire the right way.   Do not hesitate to contact us here at M&R Masonry about your chimney and fireplace usage or if you think you are in need of any repairs before you start using your fireplace and chimney.



The Most Common Questions from Homeowners in Los Angeles Regarding Their Fireplace and Chimney


Does My  Chimney Need to Be Cleaned?

M&R Masonry recommends getting your chimney cleaned once a year before the colder L.A. weather sets in.  However, it really depends on how much you use it your chimney

and the type of fires that you build as well as the type of wood you use.  What are some of the signs that your chimney needs to be cleaned?


  • Odors coming from the fireplace (even if it has not been used), odors may smell like burnt wood.
  • When you attempt to light a fire a bunch of smoke gets into the room or the fire burns poorly.
  • Check out your damper (the damper is right above the firebox), if there is a lot of creosote build up (black looking build up that you may be able to pull out with your hands) this is a good indicator that you need to get your chimney cleaned.

If you find that any of these conditions exist in your fireplace feel free to call us and discuss our cleaning options with us.  M&R Masonry has specialized in chimney and fireplace repairs in the Los Angeles area for

over 20 years.  We look forward to hearing from you.