Chimney Inspections

With over 30 years of masonry experience, specializing in the construction and repair of fireplaces and chimney’s M&R Masonry offers chimney inspections. A typical inspection consists of

  1. A structural inspection of the chimney stack.
  2. Inspection of chimney crown, spark arrestor and flashing.>
  3. Indicate if existing chimney is reinforced or un-reinforced masonry construction.
    If FHA straps are present and exterior bracing.
  4. Check masonry clearings from house framing markers.
  5. Inspection foundation and hearth supports.
  6. Check proper chimney height requirements 10’ x 2’ rule.
  7. Inspect flue condition, lined or un-lined.
  8. Check in attic and exterior for voids.
  9. Inspect condition of firebox, throat, damper, ash dump and clear out door.
  10. Inspect gas line and gas shut off valve per code requirement.
  11. Check firebox opening measurements in relationship to flue dimension for proper drafting operation.

The purpose of any inspection is to clarify the structural condition, safety, function and code compliance.

Level 2 inspection available which entails a video cam viewing of the chimney flue system.

Other services offered are chimney cleaning and smoke test.


M & R Masonry is proud to provide you with the very best in chimney care. We have perfected the art of chimney cleaning and repair. Make sure your fireplace burns efficiently by having your chimney cleaned today.

M & R Masonry are your full chimney needs service center, dedicated to providing you with prompt, quality service. We will clean your chimney to make it burn like new again. Proper chimney maintenance also prevents harmful smoke backflow into your home.